MagiMobile – Mighty Magiswords App Reviews

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Fix it!

App won’t load past loading screen. Please fix.

This is the best

This is the coolest game send a nine-year-old can have 🐑

Laser pointer magisword!!!!!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hahaha grup is hilarious!!! This is a really great game! I’d rate it 10 million out of 10. Welp, ima go eat a candy cane now bye. #keeponchasinglasersgrup 🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡

Can We get a new update

I haven’t played MagiMobile for 6 months, and I nearly collected all the Magiswords, as the term almost, I still need the following: Mask Magisword, Tickle Magisword, And 2 legendary Magiswords, such as Legendary Knowledge Magisword, And can we all have a second chance for Legendary Hyperspace Magisword?

Missing magi swords and slow loading

Love the game, but some magiswords are missing, like the grabby giraffe. My app is taking a long time to load open even with WiFi.

It’s no use

I cannot access the app I wait for hours but nothing works it just drops out.Should I just delete this?


I’m sick and tired of the stupid ads!give me the option to stop seeing ads!!!


I like this app, but i mainly download it to get the magiswords in a tv. It's not necessarily magic, but there isn't any point now that the tv doesen't say to something like press this button and you will get this magiswords. I wonder what happened.

Best game

My son loves it's great

Kids love this

My kids love this cartoon and the app. Great job!

Good game

Dank game

More Magiswords?

I think there is going to be yet another update with more magiswords to get like the fidget cube magisword and so on. And also a few more bug fixes in this update.



I hate it

It did not let me download a magisword the volume was on 100%and my phone is right next to the tv and it said the tv was not loud enough


I have a lot of swords

Gets boring after a while

It's an nice game idea but after a while it's starts to get boring when ur just collecting swords and most of the videos r locked

Love it

Its awsome keep up the good work

Pretty Great

Sometimes your watching your boring ben ten but then that random noise appears and you're on your phone


I get ro Colect magaasords


I Really Like It a lot.!.!.!.!

Get it

It is is soooo fun


Fun for the kids...


When my sister downloaded this game, I felt that it was interesting. BUT IT'S NOT!!! When I downloaded it, it said to log in or sign up! I chose neither and I uninstalled it. Can you add a skip button but we can still get all the magiswords. The skip button makes us a guest magisworder. I WOULD GIVE IT 5 STARS IF YOU MADE THIS UPDATE! 🤧😭 💩GAME!!! 👿👿👿😡😡😡

Is there a facepalm sword?

A central mechanic of this game is a 10 minute cool down timer after you collect a sword. The problem is that, in the episode we just watch an opportunity to collect a sword came along ~3 minutes, meaning you have to pause the show for 7 minutes, or rewind later, or rewatch each episode 4-5 times, remembering which prompt you already responded to. Now this show is a logic puzzle/patience test. Completely exhausting with an antsy 4yo involved. Of course she needs to see the show and collect all the swords or else, so now an hour of my day is fighting with this app for the foreseeable future. EDIT: Cartoon Network is pushing this again and it is still a 20 minute ordeal every flipping time. Downgraded from 2 to 1 star.


It is so fun

I hat it 😈😈😈😈😈

Stupid wouldn't let me a the legendary magi sword into failed twice now

Awesome But....

THIS GAME IS AWESOME but..... there should be a food Magisword chest instead of veggie.... and a time skipper on the video feature.

Cannot collect swords from tv

I can't collect the swords from the tv I gave the app access to the microphone but still nothing and the tv volume is fine please reply or update this app


I love that you can have your own MagiMobile


Just as great as surely you quest


I got so many Magiswords, it's Awesome! I'm glad I got this App!

Well Mostly Good

I think it's a wonderful Idea and all but lately I've noticed that Cartoon Network has been making it harder to collect them. I have to keep my phone on for a long time waiting for it to do the collect sign and most of the time it doesn't do it at all, or I will be watching TV and then it say that collect sign and I get my phone out and it's already too late. I know this isn't really apps fault but it does bother me.

Best games of summer 2017

It was fun game that I collected a "2017 Stinkfly Magisword"while watching Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

Best game ever


So Cool!🦆🐥🐢🦎🐁

Me and Ducky loves to take my I pad and MagiMoble.But It's so frustrating!


Good game the best One to


Sooooo much fun I love exploring the world of well whatever it is called so fun !!!


I love the game I can watch any Cartoon Network show and get lots of Mac to sort each episode and I love Cartoon Network I love teen titans go Ben 10 the amazing world of gum ball


I didn't watch the show until I downloaded this game! This game is amazing, I hope they keep bringing new magiswords into the app!

Where is my Hyperspace Magisword?

Tried collecting the hyperspace magisword the day of the special event (aka Saga of Robopiggeh premiere) and got gems...have tried to collect it daily using the episode from my DVR and it just gives me gems - if I try it twice in a day it says I already collected the sword - 1 star till this gets fixed.

Best game ever

So many Swords

Sword ideas and mic problems PLEASE READ NOW

First mic dose not work on videos just saying but that is not the thing... I have ideas for magiswords add magisword like a magisword that shoots band adds 2.gem maker magisword like makes gems over time 3.R.I.P magisword legendary and rare AND epic if you die your magisword will bring you back ONLY 3 times don't ask what happens next 4.corn maze magisword makes a maze of corn 5.war hammer magisword makes everyone angry and hostile like really hostile 6.dimensional magisword SUPER ULTRA RARE sends you through dimensions hole magisword one of a kind super powerful if you don't die touching it 8.tea magisword like coffee magisword but with vamper ship magisword only makes one space ship that is all it does 10.clover magisword a sword hoppus should have cause that is something rabbits actually eat print magisword a sword that makes anyone a master builder then that person only needs parts 12.garbage truck magisword shoots garbage from a random magisword 13.taco magisword makes anything it shoots into a taco 14.generator magisword like does what it says crazy magisword makes everyone crazy for football 16.torch magisword not to be confused with flashlight magisword 17.boxing magisword shoot 2 people and they will fight to almost death 18.elements magisword pretty self explanatory 19.beach magisword teleports you to the nearest beach magisword teleports the holders or person shot their mom 21.drain magisword it does not only drain liquids it can also drain electricity 22.dragon fly spray magisword also self explanatory food magisword feeds almost any pet 24.backwards magisword makes whatever it hits completely different and I mean completely 25.corn hole magisword it is a game look it up and if you get nothing like bean bag toss 26.forget magisword makes you forget the last hour makes you forget the last hour makes you forget the last hour makes you forget the last hour wait a minute 27.upside down magisword self explanatory 28.key chain magisword summons keys 29.lock magisword makes locks but no keys best used with key chain magisword (p.s. they are a pair so make one make both) 30.paper clone magisword makes a perfect copy but get wet and well that turns it to a puddle of white slime crown magisword self explanatory 32.tractor beam magisword also self explanatory 33.popcorn magisword self explanatory 34.emoji magisword shoots emojis 35.true love magisword makes the 2 people or things you shoot fall in love no matter what unless one person can be forced to say or tricked into saying they hate the other thing or person 36.cartoon network magisword sends you temporarily to a Cartoon Network show choose by random magisword as in cooling not cheering 38.butler magisword self explanatory 39.mixing magisword temporarily mixes 2-5 things 40.folding chair magisword self explanatory 41.rat trap magisword also works for mice 42.sub magisword like diving suit magisword but with a sub magisword self explanatory also can shoot ink 44.fall magisword not to be confused with spring time magisword magisword self explanatory 46.tricking trap magisword makes a trap that always works 47.caculator magisword self explanatory scan magisword not to be confused with x ray magisword 49.rating magisword rates anything with 1-5 stars 50.magisword magisword summons some magisword temporarily any magisword temporarily 51.rain magisword makes it rain 52.sun magisword makes it sunny 53.charger magisword charges up any electronic magisword self explanatory 55.random tree magisword makes a random tree 56.cannon magisword self explanatory 57.Sunday magisword not the day the treat 58.undo magisword turns back time a hour so you can undo something only works five times they it undo-it's self 59.tired smack magisword your tired SMACK your awake 60.fake out magisword self explanatory 61.trumpet magisword self explanatory 62.!$@#% magisword can not actually say cause kids cream magisword shoots ice cream 64.goblet magisword fancy drinks 65.bottle opener magisword 66.pie magisword self explanatory 67.random people magisword summons a random person 68.random pole magisword summons a random pole 69.master magisword makes you a master of something temporarily 70.laser focus magisword you are focused on that no matter what 71.coal magisword self explanatory 72.hat magisword shoots hats 73.shield magisword self explanatory 74.alarm clock magisword self explanatory 75.plane dog magisword like heilo burger magisword 76.sandwich magisword self explanatory 77.cake magisword self explanatory 78.burrito magisword self explanatory 79.skates magisword puts a pair of skates on its target 80.glasses magisword summons glasses on its target 81.slow down magisword self explanatory 82.speed up magisword self explanatory 83.puzzle magisword makes anything a puzzle 84.lie magisword makes you lie 85.truth magisword makes you tell the truth 86.peace magisword makes you calm and peaceful 87.mug magisword shoots mugs 88.nest magisword makes nests for anything 89.tool box magisword holds all other tool magiswords 90.blender magisword self explanatory 91.cookie magisword self explanatory 92.disco ball magisword makes ever do disco magisword not to be confused with fan as in cool but as in cheering 94.random boat magisword summons a random boat 95.fridge magisword summons 1 random food magisword for a day then that sword rots away magisword self explanatory 97.idea magisword no plan no idea BAM idea 98.angel magisword makes your target good 99.devil magisword makes your target bad 100.100% magisword if something is at zero BAM 100 Please make some of these into magiswords and I will give you 5 stars and I will not say anything about those speakers

I love it

It lets kids sit and watch there cartoons and have fun with the summertime collect-a-thon

Dope game

Great game to play


I love this app it's the best I have ever played 🤙✌🏻... it's the best I'm just still trying to get better at the broccoli game.. lol👍⚔️🗡⚔️🗡

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I Got the legendary magi sword

When I see the collet I press the collet button And I got the magi sword

I love this app

It so cool you can get words from you're tv


It's lit

Great great great

Great great but I don't always get my sword for some reason

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